There's obviously not a lot to report on for April but we thought we'd check in with you anyway!

We have chosen to use the opportunity to carry on training the horses so all of ours are in work but we are being sensible about what we do. We are including pole work & some small grids in their routine   & thanks to Deborah Leabeater next door we are lucky to have some fields we can hack the ones around who aren't so good on the roads.  They are all progressing well with their training on the flat & we're hoping    to have an in house test riding day sometime this month  where we've all got a test in mind that we're aiming for so will let you know how that goes next month!

Who knows how long it'll be before we can return to any normality but in the meantime we hope you're all keeping safe &  those that can are  having fun with their ponies!

Will leave you with a few snaps from last month thanks to Alison .

Above - Tyson's new jockey Maisie helping cool Denver off after a workout.

Right  - Lizzie just looking beautiful!

Below - Denver looking beautiful too!

Above & Below Ryan having a workout with Mandy.

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