Well  it feels like we've blinked and July is done!   

We did have time to launch our new venture Woodington Camping in July though,  just in time for the heatwave to finish and the weather to start feeling  decidedly autumnal! Nevertheless we've had our first brave campers  and we've got more booked in, with the weather looking a bit better in the coming weeks (fingers crossed) then hopefully we'll get a few more. If anyone is interested in camping or just needs somewhere to camp/stopover in a campervan or even a horsebox en-route to somewhere else then take a look at our camping page! https://www.woodingtontraining.co.uk/camping

As well as running  our usual Cheryl Bezants and Emily Harris clinics this  month we put on an unaffiliated dressage to music  to give people an opportunity to have a practice before the BRC qualifier next month. The entries were disappointingly low  but those who came along found it useful, especially to get individual feedback from the judge about where they could gain those all important marks. 

To make up the numbers Alison put Lizzie to the test by    riding through the Inter I at the end of the class and she was thrilled with how well Lizzie responded! 

Alison and Lizzie thanks to Tlovellphotography

Having a broken shoulder hasn't stopped Mandy having a busy month! She's been off scoring at various regionals and Petplan area festivals as well as looking after all the judges at the Trailblazers Championships!   

She is back riding now and as we speak James is at boot camp with the team at Hurstbourne to be brought back into work so hopefully we'll have more to report on them next month. 

Thanks as always to Tlovellphotography for the photos.