Cheryl Bezants Jumping Clinics

Cheryl is currently enjoying competing a variety of horses from BE90 to CCI2*, with the plan to get back up to Advanced next season and she has very kindly agreed to run some jumping clinics here at Woodington for us. Please take a look at her website     to find out more about her and see her Facebook page 'Cheryl Bezants Eventing' for other events and clinics she is running.

How it works;

We try to organise clinics on a monthly basis, the dates are posted on our diary page. Contact us to    let us know you'd like a lesson, (feel free to use the contact form, or if you're on Facebook request to join our 'Cheryl Bezants Jumping Clinics' group) tell us what height you are   jumping & if there's anything specific you'd like to cover. You    will be asked to confirm that you'd still like a lesson a week or so before the clinic date and you will also be asked to send payment direct to Cheryl at this time if you've not already done so, (details will be provided to you). Times are allocated to everyone and will be posted a few days before. Lessons are £25  per person based on groups of two sharing for 45 minutes or individuals for half an hour.      If you should need to cancel your lesson after the times have been allocated we will only offer a refund if your place is filled by somebody else.  Please arrive in plenty of time for your lesson, Cheryls    clinics are very popular and we will not run late because you are! 

Please make sure you have someone with you or provide contact details for someone in case of an emergency!

 Please also remember Heather & Maurice are providing the facilities at no extra charge so please respect that!

BD Guidelines

 Arena Eventing Clinics

Throughout the year  we    run    some Arena Eventing Clinics with Cheryl which have proved to be very popular.  A great opportunity to practice cross country style fences & lines as well as how to ride corners, skinnies & angles. 

These clinics will be for groups of 3/4  horses (of similar levels)  & will be  hourly slots. It will be £25    per horse, (£5 of which is arena/jump  hire) payable to Cheryl. To confirm your place payment is required in advance, please contact us or Cheryl for payment details.

Please make sure you have someone with you or provide contact details for someone in case of an emergency!