Dressage to Music.

You guys spoke & we have listened!
We are running this clinic as an introduction to Dressage to Music for folks who'd love to give it a go but have no idea where to start.

For complete 'newbies' we will run hour long slots in pairs, we will go over the movements required for the level you want to ride at & how to put them together as a floor plan.
We will also cover some of the do's & don'ts of dressage to music, (this is where Heather being a judge really helps!) while playing various pieces of music to give you ideas on what you might like to ride to & what suits your horse.
The cost of this session will be £30 per person
For those of you who have more of an idea of how things work, ie, you have floor plan ideas or you know what sort of music you'd like to ride to but have never actually got round to putting it all together we are running individual hour long slots.These will depend on what you'd like to work on & how much knowledge you already have but with the aim of getting you 'Dressage to Music' ready.
The cost of these sessions will range from £45 - £105 depending how 'ready' you are!
For further details or to book a space please email
heather.ashley@woodingtontrainingcentre.co.uk       or use the contact form.


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