Well last month it was EHV-1 spoiling our fun,this month it was the weather trying to stop play! Storm Ciara meant we had to postpone our arena eventing clinic with Cheryl Bezants,  half of which we managed to squeeze in the following week, (when it was still raining, well done to those who weren't put off), the other half will be in March, when hopefully  the weather will be a bit better!

We have managed to get a few training sessions  & shows in without getting washed/blown away this month though!


Olivia & the lovely Peaches,  owned by Amber De Savary, headed to Wellington to contest the elementary gold regional championships. Notoriously a hot class Olivia was thrilled to finish in 5th  with a lovely test scoring a smige under 70%. We are now keeping our    fingers crossed for a wildcard for them!

Rocky continues to progress in her training which this month included a visit to the undisputed king of  British dressage, Carl Hester! They had a super session & Olivia was also lucky enough   to have a play on Utopia whilst she was there.   Most of you will  know Olivia  worked for Carl for a while & that is just one of the many topics covered in her interview with Olivia Towers in her 'Tackroom Tales' podcast this month. If you've not heard it then take the time to go & have a listen, Olivia talks candidly    about her career so far, the good bits, the bad bits & the ugly bits!



Alison also managed an outing this month when she took both horses to Sparsholt. They managed to avoid most of the rain but it was a tad windy making the outdoor tests a little  interesting at times. Even Denver was uncharacteristically  spooky  outside but considering neither of them had been out for quite some time  Alison was pleased with both. Lizzie coped well with medium 73 finishing 3rd & made her floorplan feel easy in the medium music, (finishing 2nd, prompting Alison to decide to up the degree of difficulty next time.  Denver was super in the advanced medium music finishing 4th with a 68%+ score in a strong class & finished 3rd in advanced medium 98. 

Lizzie also did the postponed  arena eventing clinic with Cheryl Bezants. She was a little bit lively at times in the wet & windy conditions but  thoroughly enjoyed herself!

Picture thanks to Tlovellphotography.


Though Mandy hasn't been out competing herself this month she has made good use of her time in various roles assuring she doesn't get bored in her 'retirement'!    She's been scoring at the regionals, grooming for Olivia, training with Ryan, teaching, house sitting,    helping Olivia backing her youngsters, not to mention the mucking out & the clipping!

She & Ryan also had a lovely time taking    part in the soggy arena eventing clinic with Cheryl Bezants, with lots of squealing from Ryan, it's lovely to see them both enjoying their jumping together. 

Pictures thanks to Tlovellphotography.


Our Cheryl Bezants arena eventing clinics continue to be very popular so if Cheryl can fit them in once the eventing season gets underway then we are planning to continue them throughout the year. We will obviously continue our monthly jumping clinics with her  as will our Emily Harris dressage clinics. Keep an eye on the diary page for more dates.

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