A sad August at Woodington.

It was a sad August here at Woodington, first we said goodbye to Heather & Maurice's little dog Honey then a couple of weeks later  we also said goodbye to the Woodington legend that was Henry.

Some of you may have met Honey, she wasn't always the most sociable as I'm sure some of your ankles can testify but she will be remembered as a feisty little thing that was rescued from a ditch & very quickly settled in as part of the family here.

Everyone who's ever set foot at Woodington will know Henry though, Heather's shadow wherever she went for many years not letting the fact that he only had three feet hamper him in any way. I will never forget the day he broke free from the lorry at riding club area dressage competition & proceeded to chase another dog across several dressage arenas while tests were in progress before he was re-captured!

We will miss them both terribly.

Henry & Honey.jpg
Riding club dressage to music area qualifier.

When none of the riding clubs in area 17  were confident running the dressage to music qualifier under the Covid guidelines we stepped in to run it for them! With Mandy putting on her organisers hat, Heather judging  two of the classes, (thanks to Sarah-Jane Prew who stepped in to judge the others),  as well as helping Caroline Marsh  & Naomi Tettman with stewarding duties, Gary Hammond as  official riding club steward,  Tammy Lovell as photographer & Alison & David in charge of the music  it was pretty much a 'family' affair!

The day went almost completely smoothly, with just a little bit of rain & one cd that wouldn't play (though thanks to David's genius idea we were able to play her music  by holding a microphone in front of her phone!)

There were some super tests  to some fabulous music & all the days results can be found  here;

Alison & Lizzie were the    last combination of the day  in the medium/advanced medium pyo.

After a lesson with Emily the day before Alison hadn't expected Lizzie to be quite so fresh  presenting her with some challenging moments in the warm up!

In the test Lizzie didn't really let Alison ride a couple of the flying changes  so there were some little mistakes  & her usually pretty reliable halts were below par! Otherwise  the test was good, the trot work in particular Alison was pleased with.

Lizzie certainly didn't disgrace herself in a class of horses far more established at the levels finishing in 5th  (2nd of the advanced mediums) with 69.17%.  Thanks to Tlovellphotography  for the photos.

We've also had two full days of dressage clinics with  Emily Harris & two more full days of jumping & arena eventing clinics with Cheryl Bezants this  month!

Thanks to Tlovellphotography & Simply Event Photos for the fabulous images from these.

See the diary page for Septembers dates!

Alison & Denver thanks to Tlovellphotography
Mandy & James thanks to Simpley Event Photos
Alison & Lizzie thanks to Simply Event Photos
Mandy & Ryan thanks to Tlovellphotography
Alison & Denver thanks to Tlovellphotography