August has been fairly eventful here at Woodington one way or another!  

With Mandy healing well after breaking her shoulder in July James was packed off to boot camp at Hurstbourne  so the brave young lads that work for Matt Hicks could bring him back into work. He was actually very well behaved and after a couple of weeks he was reunited with Mandy  who is loving being back on board.

Heather had a slight mishap   when she managed to go through the decking on the veranda outside her house  while we were hosting the BRC dressage to music qualifier.  Luckily there was a paramedic in attendance for the qualifier   and when her leg blew up like a balloon and was causing her  rather a lot of discomfort she was packed off to a & e!  Unfortunately there was so much swelling it was impossible for them to tell what was going on  so she was sent home with strict instructions to rest. Thankfully a follow up appointment showed that she hadn't broken anything and after displaying a multitude of colours on her leg for quite some time she is now definitely  on the mend and this last week or so has been judging at several different  events  including the advanced class at Wellington International horse trials. 

Woodington camping really got going this month too with a steady stream of campers coming and going several who have promised to return next year. If you or anyone you know may be interested in camping in the area next year then please  do keep us in mind, take a look at our camping page for more details.

Mandy & James thanks to Tlovellphotography

We didn't have anyone competing in the riding club music qualifier this year but we were very proud of Jane Reeves   & Una de Mas who won the novice without points section. Jane contacted us a week before the competition in a small panic as  the date had crept up on her and though she had a floorplan in mind she didn't have any music!!   With strict instructions not to use anything like Michael Buble    Alison set to work putting some music together for them.  Jane had mentioned liking Queen  & Alison was able to find the perfect music to which Jane rode a beautiful test on the day  giving them the well deserved win.

Please do feel free to contact us if you have anything dressage to music  related you'd like us to help you with. 

Alison and Lizzie went to Parwood this month for their first BD competition together in about 18 months. Lizzie had    not been to Parwood before  so we weren't sure how spooky she  might be especially as we'd heard some people say they'd had problems with the new judges boxes!   We threw her in at the deep end too with advanced medium 98 and the PSG   but she was super,  finishing 2nd in both classes  with 66.31% in 98 and 61.05%  gaining her first PSG point!

Denver also had  his first BD outing in a while too when he accompanied his buddy Ryan  to Sparsholt along with Mandy & Penny.  Both horses had a lovely day, they are best of friends but are also    sensible Irish horses so you don't get all the drama you sometimes  get when horses go to parties with their friends! 

It was  Mandy's first show back since damaging her shoulder  and they were looking to complete their qualification for the Draught horse championships at medium level. They achieved their goal gaining the required scores  (65.51%  in 61 & 64.41% in 73) in both classes  even though Ryan felt they should be doing flying changes rather than simple ones!

Denver thoroughly enjoyed doing an advanced medium  again and smiled his way through 98 to   take an overall win with  68.15%. He    wasn't quite so sure he    was as impressed with going straight into the PSG with barely enough time for Alison to change jackets though!   He stayed on side and made a really good job of it  finishing 2nd in his section with 63.15%. 

Thank you as always to Tlovellphotography for all the super photos!

Jane Reeves & Una de Mas thanks to Tlovellphotgraphy
Mandy & Ryan thanks to Tlovellphotography
Alison & Lizzie thanks to Tlovellphotography
Alison & Denver thanks to Tlovellphotography