The beginning of March seems like a long time ago with all that's going on at the moment but all our girls did manage an outing or two before the lock down kicked in. We did also manage to run our arena eventing clinic with Cheryl Bezants. We followed the BHS guidlines which at the time stated we could run small group clinics. Without exception everyone who came followed our bio-security requests, the sun shone & we had a lovely day. Cheryl kept the fences small but  built some interesting lines  using skinnies & angles, we even had a pretend ditch that made up a coffin!   We hope you're all coping well with the lock down & hope to see you all on the other side!

 Tammy Lovell was unable to attend our arena eventing but thank you Olivia for the lovely pictures of Allison & Lizzie jumping, one over our homemade (By David, Alison's  very talented other half) arena cross country fences.



This time last year Olivia was on her way to Hartpury for the Winter Championships with Rocky, this year she should have been going with Peaches after being awarded    a wildcard  for the elementary gold Championship. How things can change! Unfortunately the championships was obviously cancelled  & Peaches is now back at home with her owner Amber. With Zige being happily ridden under saddle Olivia decided it was a good time to turn her away to grow for a while  that    just left Rocky here which with the impending lock down left Olivia with a bit of a dilemma.   She    sadly but totally understandably decided she needed to have all her horses in one place to minimise journeys so Rocky has gone to join Victor at Allington Equine.  We will miss her as she's been a fun addition to the team here at Woodington for the last few years. We will still follow her progress, especially with the lovely Rocky & she will when all this is over be coming to us to do a monthly clinic  so look out for the dates of those. Talking of the lovely Rocky they did  manage to sneak an outing in before lock down to Quob  Stables where they took a convincing win in advanced medium 98 with nearly 72%!

Mandy & Ryan

Mandy also managed an outing before lock down with Penny Unwin's Ryan at Quob. Mandy was pretty pleased with him,  though felt he could still be more in front of her leg they still won both their section of  medium 75 & advanced medium 98.  Mandy's activities have been curtailed somewhat by the lock down, she too would have been off to the Winter Championships, not only in her role as judges coordinator but her & Ryan were also awarded a wildcard for the medium Petplan championship.    She's filling her time helping out on the yard here at Woodington & keeping Zi ticking over for Kate Butler.

(Photos of Mandy & Ryan & Kate & Zi are from earlier arena eventing clinics   as Tammy was unable to attend this months).

Alison, Denver & Lizzie

Alison managed a couple of outings this month before we went on lock down. The first was a very successful trip to Sparsholt with both Lizzie & Denver.   With  pretty tight times as they weren't big classes & 1 saddle between then we were very grateful to Lottie Ramsey who came along to help Heather with swapping horses between tests, thank you Lottie! Lizzie was first up in the medium music, after making light work of an easier floor plan last month we upped the degree of difficulty this time. Lizzie responded well with just a couple of small mistakes leaving them in 3rd place. Then it was Denver's turn in the advanced medium music. He loves his Goonies music  & is feeling super confident  with his more difficult floor plan   & won his section, 2nd overall. Back to Lizzie who was accidentally entered in advanced medium 85 instead of medium 76, Alison decided she preferred 85 to 76 &  that Lizzie could cope with a couple of changes  so left her in   it. Lizzie  not only made a super job of it, with lovely clean changes but she won the class gaining her first advanced medium points! Finally it was back to Denver for advanced medium 96 where they were overall winners despite  Alison forgetting the trot stretch  so having marks deducted for going wrong!

Lizzie also got to go jumping this month at the rescheduled area show jumping with Chilworth Riding Club at Moreton. For some reason Lizzie took Alison totally by surprise when she took exception to the first fence so unfortunately picked up some faults here but otherwise jumped some super rounds making light work of the bigger 1m fences in the second round. With mixed fortunes for everyone in the team they finished in 6th place in what turned out to be their last outing for who knows how long!

Dressage photos thanks to Tlovellphotography, jumping photo    thanks to DorsetPhotoEvent.

Also this month...

Some of you may know Alison enjoys a bit of photography. She   entered a Facebook competition run by Aquastride Treadmill with an atmospheric photo she took of Olivia & Rocky  to win a session at the new water treadmill at Landford Common Stud.  The photo had to have  water theme & were excited to say Alison's photo won so once lock down is over Denver will be treated to a session  at the Aquastride Treadmill  & we will report back on how that goes!

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