Well March was hopefully the last of the quiet months,   the April diary is looking much   better with all our regular clinics with Emily Harris and Cheryl Bezants  re starting, we also are hosting both Chilworth and New Forest Riding Clubs for their open unaffiliated dressage competitions.  (see diary page for details)    Heather is now available again  evenings and weekends  for teaching and the arenas are available to hire. 

Mandy did get her competition gear out this month to film her test for the online riding club qualifier which was quite entertaining with James wanting to add extra moves and carry out some of the movements at warp speed! 

In the end we used our first recording of  the test which did include a flying change which wasn't required in a novice but at least there was no   other extras! They scored 64% and finished 13th with some lovely comments from the judge. 

Alison & Denver got to play models at the end of the month to show off some of Naomi Tettman's creations for her new Tettman Equine range . Tlovellphotography was photographer and  Denver seemed to thoroughly enjoy showing off in Naomi's brilliant browband cover and smart exercise rug. 

Hopefully we'll  have a bit more to report on next month but for now here's a couple of pictures of Mandy & James thanks to Alison & of    Alison and Denver on their photoshoot  with Tammy Lovell.

Browband cover by Tettman Equine
Mandy & James
Mandy & James
Exercise sheet by Tettman Equine
Alison & Denver