This month has certainly had a few ups and downs!

We started the month with a super Cheryl Bezants arena eventing clinic that  Mandy and Alison had  brilliant sessions at with Ryan, Denver and Lizzie.   Both Denver and Ryan had huge smiles on their faces in their lessons while Lizzie was a true pro tackling some quite tricky lines  in hers. 

Unfortunately it was down to earth with a bump after that though for poor Mandy when she was bowled over by James and was left with a broken shoulder!

Alison & Denver thanks to Tlovellphotography
Mandy & Ryan thanks to Tlovellphotography
Alison & Lizzie thanks to Tlovellphotography

Now out of action for at least six weeks  Mandy decided that James could have a bit of a holiday,    which has actually come at quite a good time as   it's given him time to chill for a bit and Mandy time to focus on her demanding job of judges coordinator for both the  BD Winter Championships and the  Quest Championships.

Mandy has managed to do a bit of judging this month thanks to Penny Unwin who acted as driver, writer etc meaning she has    had a couple of days out  away from the laptop!

With Mandy off games the lovely Magda Sartin took over the reins on Ryan and had a lovely time in their Emily Harris lesson. It was a bit of a shock to the system for Magda who hasn't ridden for some years and only sat on Ryan once before the lesson but she did a great job and finished their session beaming!

Magda & Ryan thanks to Tlovellphotography
Alison & Denver thanks to Tlovellphotography

Alison   had  a great month with her two!    They both did the Chilworth riding club dressage held at Woodington early in the month where Denver did a lovely advanced medium test to finish in 2nd place but he was pipped to the post by Lizzie who did probably her best test at this level and won the class with 71.25%!

They then both had super sessions in   our    Emily Harris  clinic before  they headed to Sparsholt unaffiliated dressage for their first show away from home in almost 18 months!   

Denver did an Inter I  in the pick a test class  which saw them gain a pb at this level finishing 2nd  with 67.23% and Lizzie made her PSG debut in the pyo music also finishing 2nd with a more than creditable 66%.

As well as arena eventing with Cheryl Lizzie did the show jumping clinic later in the month and Denver had a play at the end over the same exercises.

Unfortunately we don't have any photos from Sparsholt  but as always thanks to Tlovellphotography for all our super clinic  photos!

Alison & Lizzie thanks to Tlovellphotography
Alison & Denver thanks to Tlovellphotography
Alison & Lizzie thanks to Tlovellphotography