Woodington Winners!

Firstly I send    my apologies to our September  1st competitors as I have managed to delete their results so I    can't give them a mention in 'Woodington Winners', I'm sorry about that guys, I forgot we had two shows this month! 

Our September 29th winners though were Katie Walters & Kilmacricket Lad in the Intro, Vanessa Martin with Freddie in the Prelim & fresh from their    win (with Callum Robertson in the pairs) at the riding club championships, Millie-Mae Barney & Garrybritt Calvin won the novice, congratulations to them all!


At the beginning of the month Olivia & Rocky headed off to Stoneleigh  for the British Dressage national Championships  where they were contesting the national 6 year old finals. It was by far the biggest occasion Rocky has faced   & understandably she was a little overawed by it at times.   Olivia was absolutely thrilled with her though & they finished 7th with a score of 7.28. Both Rocky & Olivia are now both enjoying a well earned holiday, Rocky is in the field growing a coat & getting muddy while Olivia is driving round The United States in an RV seeing the sights & getting a tan, I think I know which one sounds more appealing to me!

Alison, Denver & Lizzie.

Lizzie has had a fairly quiet month continuing her training both on the flat & jumping. In the last couple of months she has become far more confident in her work on the flat & is a lot stronger.     Alison has been able to start to play with some of the  more collected work introducing some half steps & some large working pirouettes in the canter so all being well they will be out & about again soon.

After a  bit of a  hit & miss summer, due to what was eventually diagnosed as a strange case of laminitis, Denver did have an outing this month to Parwood in what was supposed to be dress rehearsal for the Petplan semi final at the beginning of October. Denver showed some really good work in both the PSG & the Inter I but unfortunately  the scores didn't reflect this. There were mistakes in the sequence changes  which were obviously low marks but Alison didn't feel there was enough difference in the marks to reward  the bits they did well, one movement was missed entirely by the judge even though it was performed right in front of her! We don't want to be accused of judge bashing as we appreciate it's not an easy job, they have a fraction of a second to make a decision & move on to the next movement    but we  all work really hard to be there  so it's disappointing when things like this happen.

Anyway I said it was supposed to be a dress rehearsal for the Petplan  at the beginning of October  but unfortunately Denver is going to miss his semi final this time as he's  confined to barracks waiting for an abcess to clear up! 

No pictures from this month so a couple thanks to Tlovellphotography  from Sparsholt's summer festival of dressage (Denver) & the riding club dressage to music qualifier here at Woodington (Lizzie) last month.

Mandy & Ryan.

Mandy started the month in her new role as judges coordinator for the British Dressage national championships. Having to make sure all the judges were where they were meant to be including the ones who were flying in from various places wasn't without it's complications but by all accounts Mandy did a sterling job.

Ryan has  had a very busy month with outings to Crofton, where they won both their classes with some pretty impressive scores,    68%  in medium 69 &  70% in the advanced medium music. Sparsholt, where they picked up a 2nd & a 3rd in advanced 102 (61.32%)  & the advanced medium music (66.83%) with Ryan still insisting that the indoor school is a dangerous place to be! Then to Parwood for their Petplan dress rehearsal. Unfortunately Ryan got his tongue over the bit just before he started advanced medium 85    so it wasn't his best work but they still managed 65% for 2nd. In advanced medium 98 Mandy felt it was a much better test, sadly the score (63.55%) didn't really reflect this  but they were still in 2nd place.

Finally they headed to Bury Farm for the Riding Club Dressage to music championships  where they did a super job doing themselves & Chilworth proud & making Penny a bit emotional! A fabulous test for 67.58% saw them finish 2nd in the advanced medium & 4th overall (medium/advanced medium)   Congratulations to  team Ryan!

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